It has often been said that middle east is the region of extreme tropical heat but my recent visit to Dubai changed my perception of Gulf countries and their culture.

The flight was scheduled for 11:30 in the morning. Being the first international vacation, I was thrilled and excited. I was accompanied by my mother and elder brother. The plane took off at the scheduled time. After a journey of a little less than four hours we reached Dubai.

We proceeded towards our hotel, Raintree Rolla, in Bur Dubai. On the way to the hotel, one could feel the difference as well as resemblance of Dubai to that of an Indian city.

Having reached the hotel and resting for some time, we planned to explore the streets of Dubai. We reached a local market by the name of ‘Meena Bazaar’ and shopped for apparels and sweets. In the evening we were scheduled for a dinner at Dhow Cruise. A car picked us up from our hotel at 7 in the evening and dropped us at the cruise where we had a table booked for us.

With a lavish dinner in the middle of the sea, we also witnessed the culture of Dubai in the form of Tanoura dance show. A Tanoura dance is a solo dance performance whereby a person dances wearing long cloth and in between this, makes different shapes from this cloth. It truly mesmerises someone who has not witnessed such a dance form before.

Having reached back to hotel late at night, we were very tired and went to sleep so that we were well-rested for the next day. As for me, my excitement and enthusiasm were on the highest level as the next day brought to me the entire Dubai city tour and the famous Desert Safari.

If someone feels that Dubai being an Arab country will have the major population speaking Arabic, he is in for a big surprise if he visits this wonderful country. Most of the population in Dubai is from Asian subcontinent. You will find Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Chinese among the population of Dubai which makes the way of communication much more easier.

After breakfast we boarded a tourist bus for our city tour. Our guide started giving instructions on the tour and I was surprised that medium of communication was Hindi. This was the first time that I was actually interacting with someone in my mother tongue. We visited the Dubai Museum where we saw the ancient culture of Dubai.

Having completed our tour in the museum, the bus took us to different locations in the city for sightseeing. We visited Jumeriah Mosque which is considered to be the biggest and the most sacred moseque in Dubai. Looking at the magnanimous and breathtaking view of this holy shrine, one could simply stand in awe.

Our next stop for sightseeing was the Palm Beach. It is the only man-made beach in the world. Dubai being located in a desert, no one could think of seeing a beach but it is the sheer brilliance of the people working there that made this possible. Being almost 50 degrees we still enjoyed the beach and had loads of water sports activities. Having dropped back at the hotel later in the afternoon, we visited a restaurant where we had delicious Indian food.

After resting for a while we were picked up at 4:30 pm for the desert safari. This was the time I was waiting for and my excitement knew no bounds. Having reached the desert, we were transferred to a car that was designed for taking us into desert on a roller coster ride. As the driver of the car accelerated the speed and took us back and forth on the sand dunes it gave everyone goosebumps but it was equally thrilling to be part of this ride. After good 15 minutes ride we stopped at the top of a sand dune for clicking pictures and enjoyed the view of the desert.

After the desert safari we visited a tourist camp in the middle of the desert where me and my brother decided to go on a bike ride in the desert. We were asked to follow a team leader who would be taking us to different parts of the desert.

The best thing about this ride is that you don’t need a driving license or be an expert in driving this adventure bike. We enjoyed a lot for a good 30 minutes after which we returned to the camp. At the camp I enjoyed a short camel ride with my mother.

After these activities the camp had organised a small gala evening for the tourists where we were served snacks and drinks. A small entertainment section was also inserted for guests where we were shown Tanoura dance, horse dance and a belly dancing performance.

Having enjoyed the time at the camp we returned to our hotel at 10 in the night. This was by far the most memorable day in the entire trip but the trip was still not finished.

On the third day of the trip we planned to explore the parts of Dubai by ourselves. My brother had already booked a car that picked us up in the morning. We first visited the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. The Burj has over 160 floors and we were allowed to visit only 124th and 125th floors which are reserved for tourists. Entering the 125th floor one could see entire Dubai. The view is breathtaking which makes you realise the architectural marvel which has been used to design the city.

After visiting The Burj we headed towards our next destination The Dubai Mall which is the biggest mall in Dubai. Believe me when I say this that you will find the best brands across the globe in Dubai Mall, be it in f&b, apparels, electronics, furniture, you name it and it will be there. As we were in the mall we came across an in-mall Aqua Museum.

It looked enticing and we purchased the tickets to explore the museum. The museum tour guide took us to each and every section of the museum. We were simply captivated. She even made us feed the fishes which was quite thrilling.

After spending time in the museum and mall we headed to grab some afternoon meal and then went back to our hotel as we were schedeuled for a dinner with our cousins who were residing in Dubai.

The next day we packed our bags and headed to the airport. We did some shopping from the airport for friends and with a heavy heart we bid farewell to this beautiful city that gave us some beautiful memories worth cherishing.