I desperately needed a vacation, but my busy schedule kept getting in the way. Finally, it was decided that a short break which could be easily fitted into our lives, was the order of the day. And that is how a three day extravaganza to Singapore came about.

Night Safari

We reached Singapore in the afternoon, and took a cab to our hotel. A short rest later we got ready for the first excursion of our holiday. A night safari at the Singapore Zoo!! It was a whole new experience, to be in an open train. From the comfort of the train, we explored the entire zoo. How incredible is that! It was so amazing to look at animals that I had never seen before, other than on TV or in books.

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After the safari, we were taken to an open amphi-theatre where some real fun and action awaited us. Here, we saw animals performing amazing tricks at the bidding of their trainers. Who could have thought something like this was possible! In fact some of the wild animals, a bear for instance, came pretty close to us, but it was well trained so I wasn't that scared. After the show we had dinner at a restaurant close by, and called it a day.

City Tour

Our second day was reserved for a city tour. It started with the Singapore Flyer, which seemed to me like a much larger version of a giant wheel that we used to ride in during our childhood.

From the Flyer, one can get to see the city skyline in all of 30 minutes. The ride was quite luxurious as well, and our cabin even had a dining table, couches, drinks and food items. The cost of the Flyer was included in our package. If you want a more fancy ride, you can also rent a Lamborghini for a day, right outside the Flyer!

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Sentosa Island

Next we went to see the Merlion, which is a monument of historic significance. It serves as a reminder of Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village. It's a peaceful place; we sat by the river, clicked pictures and then continued with the city tour. After this we headed towards Gardens by the Bay, a tourist attraction that will be loved by nature lovers. The gardens exhibit flora of every kind and are a riot of colours. Housed in a multistorey building are hundreds of varities of flowers and plants! They were really beautiful. The building also had an artificial waterfall that seemed very real.

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We were taken next to Sentosa Island. The only way to reach there was by cable car. There were many options to explore on the island, but we chose the Sea Aquarium. Within it we saw numerous types of species like the octopus, starfish, sharks, dolphins, and many more. Having a guide here would be useful.

A new kind of amusement was up next. We were taken up a hill by a ropeway, and then we came down a cemented path by a scooter like vehicle called the Segway. It was extremely enjoyable and those coming here must try it.

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The highlight of our trip to Sentosa, was the Light Show at the beach. The show starts after sunset, and uses animation and light to tell a story. I was left flabbergasted at how creatively it had been done!

Tired from the day's activities, we returned to the hotel.

Universal Studios

On the third and final day, we planned to go to the Universal Studios. Let me tell you, no trip to Singapore is complete without coming here! At the theme park we went for some breathtaking rides, saw amazing 4D shows and walked along with some of our favourite cartoon characters. The Mummy Ride was the most frightening by far! The Zurong Bird Park, at the Studios was also enjoyable.

Since Universal is a famous tourist spot, it's crowded almost all year round. As a result, you may have to stand in long queues for tickets, but it's a place worth visiting with family for adventure and fun! The park was so huge that we could not cover all of it in one full day!!!

After having dinner at the food court we left feeling happy and satiated.

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Singapore is an ideal destination for a short holiday. In three days we managed to cover most important landmarks, without having to rush.

I shall be forever grateful for this much needed break, where I had the time of my life!