We’re committed to making you happy.

As a token of our commitment, we’re offering a Money Back Guarantee to make it easy for you to transact with confidence.

All packages and holiday products listed on this site clearly state the inclusions included in the package price you are paying. We encourage you to seek more information from us at all times, especially in case of any confusion regarding the inclusions. Post your booking, if for any reason you do not receive or are denied any of those inclusions, we will refund the proportionate amount of money as soon as such an exception is brought to our notice. No questions asked.

You can email us on reach@weareholidays.com to avail this. Include your WeAreHolidays booking ID (starts with WAH followed by an alpha numeric string, example WAHDOM00981), specific inclusion not made available and any other information you feel is relevant.

The refund will be through the same payment channel from which you have done your payment in case of NEFT / Bank Transfers / Payment Gateway / Cheque, except in case of cash deposit / cash collection, the refund will be through cheque.

We understand that refunding your money may not be the best solution in the rare event that you have to go through such an experience. But this is the least we can do immediately while we thoroughly investigate why the promised inclusion(s) was not delivered. Corrective action(s) will follow, even if that means black listing any suppliers, partners, service providers or hotels in the future.

Do note, for us to undertake this guarantee all payments towards your booking should be paid to us (WAH Holidays Pvt Ltd). Further, the final holiday itinerary (with all its inclusions & exclusions) should be booked through our platform. Any subsequent changes / additions or modifications should also be routed through our platform for us to uphold this guarantee. In case you bypass our platform for any payments and/or modifications to your booking and/or your booking itself, we would not be able to provide this guarantee. Simply put, as long as we’re in the loop we guarantee your money’s worth!

Book with confidence.