10 Oceanariums That Would Make You Fall In Love With The Underwater World

If you’re a fan of marine life and can’t get enough of the ocean, and don’t want to go deep sea diving to garner the best that you can from it, then you should think about going to one of these oceanariums. With exhibits, shows, rides and marine life by the bucket, there’s a lot to see and do, no matter what floats your boat!

1. Seaworld

Where: San Diego, USA
From popular film references to tourist guides for the area, wherever you’ve heard about it from, we’re sure you’ve heard about it! The super-famous oceanarium is one of the most famous, in not only the USA but also all around the globe. Seaworld can be located at several places across the USA, but this one, without a doubt is the best.
Don’t miss: Watch the playful antics of Emperor penguins here.

2. Zoomarine

Where: Rome, Italy
When you visit Italy, you don’t expect to see marine life, least of all let that be the highlight of your trip! However, when in Rome, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting Zoomarine, a spectacular oceanarium with a waterpark, swimming pools and even acrobatic performances by the animals!
Don’t miss: The dolphin show!

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3. Oceanarium

Where: Lisbon, Portugal
This place is so popular, several people actually visit Lisbon just to check it out! With tanks larger than those in any other aquarium in the world, the space displays marine life from oceans across the world, because it actually has the space to have separate areas dedicated to each type.
Don’t miss: See the Otters! You should also check out the seabirds in here.

4. Underwater World
Underwater world

Where: Singapore
If you’re in Singapore, you’re already going to see a lot of wildlife around the place, because the country is home to several parks and reserves. However, one of the largest attractions that drive tourists to the area is a place called Underwater World, which is filled with different marine life, including eels, sharks and even turtles!
Don’t miss: See the Dolphin Lagoon here, where there are pink, Indo-Pacific Humpbacks!

5. Sea Life Centre
Sea Life Center

Where: Sussex, England
Brighton, in Sussex, is a beautiful place to be one with the ocean in any case, and the Sea Life Centre there, is one of its best aquariums. It’s got an interactive rock pool for children, and adults to be enthralled by a glass bottomed boat that you can sit in and see the marine life in the water below!
Don’t miss: See the very smart octopus as well as a gorgeous species of jellyfish called the mood jellyfish.

6. Aquarium of Genoa
Acquarium Of Genoa
Where: Genoa, Italy
This Italian aquarium is one of the best that Italy has to offer and is one of the largest in Europe! It’s a great destination for the entire family, filled with gorgeous sights and sounds – at very affordable prices. They even have family tickets so the entire family can visit without spending too much. They have trinket sellers lining the waterfront where you can take a break from watching marine life to pick up some knick-knacks and souvenirs.
Don’t miss: Molluscs, jellyfish, dolphins, crocodiles, frogs, snakes, turtles and penguins and Banggai cardinal fish. They have it all.

7. Marineland
Where: Niagara Falls, USA
Nothing beats a trip to Niagara Falls, but when you’re there don’t forget to also visit Marineland, a great destination for anyone who loves the wonders of the water world. It’s home to several gorgeous sea creatures, including sea lions, walruses and even dolphins.
Don’t miss: If you’ve never seen a Beluga Whale, this is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creature. You get the golden chance to even feed them.

8. Ocean Park
Ocean Park
Where: Hong Kong, China
Much has been said about this oceanarium, and there’s very good reason for it. It’s more than just a space for marine life enthusiasts to visit, it’s almost like a theme park in itself! There are rides, roller coasters and exhibits that you just can’t miss out on.
Don’t miss: A visit to the Ocean Theatre. Make sure it’s open when you visit, as you can see playful dolphins in the area here. You won’t believe what tricks these dolphins can get up to at this oceanarium!

9. Dolphinarium
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
This is, as the name suggests, home to several gorgeous dolphin species, and they exhibit them in a way that makes it fun to watch for everyone. It’s extremely famous – in fact the videos they put up from their shows actually become internet sensations! Although it’s famous for their fur seals and dolphins, there are several other creatures here worth seeing as well.
Don’t miss: We know it’s called Dolphinarium, but don’t forget to see the sea lions! They’re trained to play numerous instruments!

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10. Manila Ocean Park
manila ocean park
Where: Manila, Philippines
Anyone who has ever been to Manila and not visited this Ocean Park is really missing out something big. With underwater tunnels, several marine life exhibits and a lot of informative guides scattered around the place, this is the perfect oceanarium to visit if you’re looking for a full day of fun activity.
Don’t miss: The daily sea lion show and mandarin fish as well as the underwater tunnel.

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