9 Best Volunteering Vacations For Animal Lovers

We often look forward to making and meeting new friends on our journeys. We don’t know how much friendly or loving the new friends would be. But then there are some buddies who can make our experience with them quite a memorable one, so much that we actually start seeing the beauty of life. These buddies are animals, no matter how fierce or large they appear on the outside they have so much love to offer us in exchange for our affection and that can only be experienced by being with them.

We give you 9 destinations where you can enjoy an awesome time volunteering for animals and make a difference.

1. Giraffe Conservation in South Africa

1 Giraffe

There are volunteer projects to interact with a diverse range of South African wildlife. You get to protect and take care of big animals like lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, crocodiles, snakes, giraffes and ostriches.

2. Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico

2 Sea turtle

You get to volunteer alongside local experts to protect turtles, crocodiles and birds with projects based at camps on the stunning pacific coast in Mexico.

3. Whale Shark Conservation in the Maldives

3 Whale shark

Besides scuba diving and snorkeling in the pristine waters of some of the beautiful islands like Dhigurah, you can choose to volunteer for projects which get you up close and personal with the world’s largest fish – the magnificent whale shark.

4. Animals Rescue Projects in Udaipur, India

4 Animals

Your time at the animal rescue center will perhaps be one of life’s most uplifting experiences when you would help injured animals walk again, bathe them, spend quality time with depressed and fearful animals, feed them. You would never want to leave them for all the love and affection you have shared with them in those many days.

5. Giant Panda Conservation in China

5 Panda

You can volunteer to prevent the extinction of this amazing and unique animal which is also one of the most endangered species. Volunteering activities may range from preparing food for the pandas, cleaning out their enclosures to chopping up and carrying bamboo for the pandas.

6. Dolphin Conservation in Australia

6 Dolphin

You can volunteer for projects committed to dolphin research, education, conservation with activities ranging from general maintenance, cleaning, talking to visitors on the beach, monitoring dolphin visits and many other fun filled activities.

7. Elephant Volunteering Projects in Sri Lanka

7 Elephant

For all the elephant lovers, there are several elephant conservation projects where you can bath, feed and play with baby elephants, join on great walks in surrounding areas, grow food for elephants and a lot more. The fun only multiplies with every activity.

8. Rainforest Animal Rehabilitation Centers in Ecuador

8 Ecuador

You can volunteer to rescue some of world’s most beautiful and exotic animal species like capuchin, woolly mammoth, spider monkeys, parrots, white-lipped peccaries and many other birds, mammals, reptiles living in the rainforests of Ecuador.

9. Conservation of Sloths and Monkeys in Costa Rica

9 Sloths

There are many rescue centers to conserve and improve lives of animals that have either been rescued from captivity or found injured. You get the opportunity to work on rebuilding the fragile lives of the cute and cuddly sloths, monkeys and many other native animals.

We hope the list has inspired you to combine your animal welfare and travel aspirations. Now is the right time to brighten the flame of these aspirations within yourself and pack your bags to get going.

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      Dear Priyanka, We are glad the article inspired you. We agree that spending time with animals on holidays is indeed lovely.