Go Around the World, Without Having to Worry About the Visa

Be it the arduous process that goes into applying for a Visa or be it the huge fee involved, many Indians every year cancel or postpone their travel plans due to some or the other Visa-related issues. God forbid, if you planned a holiday and your Visa was rejected on the eleventh hour, what will you do? Do you really have a backup plan? Well, the good news is, you still have a chance to go abroad, and you won’t have to do with a domestic holiday this time. Indians can visit 57 countries around the world across different continents, without the hassle of going through the Visa issuing process in advance. Most of these countries permit Visa-free entry to Indians, and the others allow Visa-on-arrival. Hurray! Now, last minute plans won’t be restricted to Indian Territory. After, knowing the wonderful countries that welcome us so openly, we Indians for sure would be travelling and exploring more. For instance, given and option, who would mind going to Fiji if you had plans and could not hatch a Visa for Australia. Why crib, when we have an equally good Visa free/Visa-on-arrival substitute for all the exotic destinations we can possibly think of. In fact, these countries are so widespread, that Indians can travel around the world and be back, even before the Visa has processed for any Visa-necessary countries. Go ahead, watch the video and know for yourselves, the countries that allow Visa free/Visa-on-arrival travel access for Indian passport holders.


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