11 Offbeat Endeavors That Will Change The Way You’ve Always Imagined Greece

The first image that comes to mind when one says Greece is that of the pristine white villages of Santorini. Movies and books have engraved this image of Greece in our minds of people and although there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s so much more magic to Greece than white washed villages and whiter beaches.

1. Chill out on an uninhabited island


No journey to the Aegean lands is complete without a swim in its azure waters. And there’s no better place than Chrissi Island. With crystal clear blue waters and miles of solitary beaches, this island is actually uninhabited! A great place to stare in awe at the beauty of the Aegean sea.

2. Pick the world’s finest olives using your hands


Learn the art of hand picking olives in some of the best olive groves in the world. It’s a great way to really immerse yourself in the local culture and experience something so inherently Grecian. We recommend spending some more time to see how the ‘green blood’ (olive oil) is pressed out. Some places offer traditional cooking classes too.

3. Go boating on a lake inside a cave

Cave-LakeCaves have always had a certain charm and mystery around them. The Melissani cave actually has a lake inside it! A part of it has caved in allowing a few beams of sunlight to fall on the water; this makes boating on Lake Melissanthi absolute bliss. Walk down an underground tunnel to reach the cave and paddle up the lake to explore further.

4. Big Romance in Little Venice

Imagine sitting in a café built right on the edge of the Aegean Sea, waves lashing at your feet, basking in a glorious sunset as you sip on some wine! Such is the charm of Little Venice, known to be the most romantic and idyllic location in Mykonos.

5. Walk on volcanic craters at Nisyros

A boat trip to this volcanic island is going to be one of the most curious and unique experience of your life. Bubbling mud pools, steaming geysers and a walk in the crater itself are experiences that are hardly commonplace.

6. Climb Mount Olympus


You’ve heard about the fabled Mount Olympus and the mythical Hercules and Xena fighting for it. Well, here is your chance to experience it firsthand. You could choose to ski, trek, hike or rock climb this mountain in the Balkans, which is worshipped by the Greeks. It holds a high place in Greek mythology and is also a great place for a bird’s eye view of the city below.

7. Time travel to the 8th century at Old Corfu Town


Strategically positioned at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea, this fortified port town has witnessed many a ruler, from the Byzantine through French, British and Greek.  It was the Venetians who made a lasting impact with their architectural genius.

8. Indulge in natural therapy at a Thermopótamos


Choose from over 100 hot springs across the country to revive and rejuvenate. Soak in the naturally medicated waters of a Thermopótamos (literally meaning ‘Hot River’) and let your body relax as your senses calm down.

9. Discover hidden gems in Thessaloniki


Literally hidden, a 6th century gate was recently unearthed while digging for the Metro! Thessaloniki oozes old world charm at every street corner. Fine arts are passed on from generation to generation of traders in these markets. Age old Turkish baths and even older architectural delights will give you glimpses of eras gone by.

10. Life is one big party at Mykonos

Flickr: •• FedericoLukkini ••

Flickr: •• FedericoLukkini ••

Party day and night – the Greeks take it very literally! You can join the festivities at any point in the day with bar hoping at Psarrou beach. You can continue the indulgence with some gorgeous cocktails over one of the many sun decks of the cities various Bars in Caprice. Try getting into one of the famed pool or yacht parties at Paradise club with its fireworks and all.

11. Pick up quaint treasures at a local Flea Market

Sundays are fabulous at the flea markets of Monestiraki. Find hidden treasures and takeaways for your near and dear ones. Sip on some fabulous freshly pressed coffees in the pop up shops of the markets and get delightfully lost in the curious artifacts all around.

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