10 Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway To Singapore

There is much to do in Singapore other than shopping and eating. If you have to cram it all within a short period then you’ll be in for a rush especially as a first timer. Singapore is a very easy to get around city with loads of places so guides aren’t necessary. Here are the things you can do to make the most of your time here with a range of tips and attractions that will make these three days worth it. Each attraction has so much stuff around it, you can enjoy the main attraction and then look around, without wasting any time!

1. Plan ahead so you enjoy your hotel!

Plan ahead so you enjoy your hotel!
Your experience in Singapore starts with your hotel, and you should enjoy it as much as your trip! If you plan well in advance you can budget for and book places like the Rider’s Lodge where you can actually have a colonial style holiday from the get-go. You can visit nearby Turf City, learn how to ride horses on the property or just visit the horse stables – it’s a unique experience.

2. Have fun while you travel

Have fun while you travel
Singapore is a very well planned out city with excellent and well connected public transportation services, so getting around should be easy for you. While getting on the MRT is usually just part of your tourism, don’t see it as a get-on-get-off experience. Buy a pre-paid EZ-Link pass and explore the retail shops, kiosks and amenities on the new lines to make travelling more fun!

3. Get all the food in one go

Get all the food in one go
So, you have only three days in Singapore. This means it will be difficult for you to actually go and visit all the famous eateries. Here’s what to do instead. Head to the hawkers at Smith Street in Chinatown and get your fill of a range of breakfast, dinner and lunch treats – all in one place!

4. Shop till you drop

Haji lane
Sure, there’s much more to do here than waste your time shopping. But you will want to go back with some souvenirs, right? Instead of visiting malls and wasting your time, head to Haji Lane. The narrow lane of shops here are not the only attraction, because you will also see the little houses, meet locals and get a true taste of Singapore – one that the popular Orchard Road won’t give you.

5. Be one with nature

Be one with nature
Yes, you can get a little natural activity in Singapore as well! A great activity to get early in the day before everything opens and the sun begins to shine, you can head over to the Jurong Bird park or beautiful Botanical gardens, Singapore’s last green haven with virgin rainforest trees, and the National Orchid Garden and its over 3000 species of orchids. If you have children, they will love the Singapore Zoo. Singapore is also home to the world’s first wildlife park that is open at night so you can take the tourists’ favourite Night Safari to get close to animals in their natural habitats.

6. Soak up the history instead of the shops

Soak up the history instead of the shops
Singapore has several iconic landmarks, and historical and imposing buildings, which are a must see for any first timer. At dusk, you can hitch a ride on the 165-meter-high Flyer, a giant observation wheel and gaze at the host of skyscrapers and surroundings as the sun goes down. Take a walk down the Civic District to see the impressive City Hall, Parliament House and Supreme Court. Another of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks is the half lion, half fish Merlion Statue in Merlion Park. Other places to visit are the picturesque Marina Bay and Empress Place.

7. Head to Universal Studios

Head to Universal Studios
This is the place for those with kids or still are children on the inside. It is Asia’s only Hollywood theme park, and you can get a one day pass and explore the theme park, checking out the various movie themed activities, state-of-the-art rides, see the making of movies and more. There is much to do here, and it is a fun filled activity for the whole family.

8. Take a culture tour

Take a culture tour
China Town and Little India are two great places to go to when visiting Singapore. Begin your day with visiting Chinatown and see the beautiful pagodas, mosques and shops. Take a walking tour of this busy ethnic neighbourhood. You can also pick up some kitschy souveniers, herbal medicines and great food here. Little India is three stations away, with Tekka Centre selling fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. In the Little India Arcade you can pick up various Indian items from various small shops for both tourists and locals. You can also visit the busy Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and the always on discount Mustafa Centre for some varied shopping. Before you leave, try out the delicious fish curry or North Indian fare.

9. Go to a 4D theatre

Go to a 4D theatre
Sure, you’ve done the rides and you’ve seen the wildlife but have you ever been to the 4D theatre here? It’s the experience of a lifetime, where you will feel like you’re actually feeling everything that jumps out at you from the screen. There may be 4D experiences all over the world but the one at Sentosa Island definitely takes the cake.

10. Get down with the locals

Get down with the locals
Time your trip with local festivals and you’ll have the best time in the world! Try visiting for the eclectic Buskers Festival, or get involved with locals during the Singapore Heritage Festival. Take advantage of the fact that everyone is celebrating on the streets to get an all-round experience without ever needing a tour guide! Of course, remember that it will be hard to see popular attractions at these times.

Have we missed out on any awesome activity or must-visit place in Singapore, then do let us know about it by leaving your comments below.

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