12 Legendary Roads You Must Set Foot On In This Lifetime

From iconic sights to business hubs and lush green spreads surrounding quaint cafes – there are several roads in the world that are famous tourist spots in themselves, forget the countries and cities that they actually belong to. Take a look at some that you absolutely must visit:

1. Champs-Elysées

Paris, France
There’s nothing like walking down a road teeming with historical significance, and this road in Paris is just that. Take a break from all the love and affection and visit the Arc de Triomphe war memorial, soak up the beautifully preserved cafés at the side of the streets and do some shopping as you walk past the groomed, manicured gardens.

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2. Route 66

Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona, USA
That’s right, this road stretches so far, you will be covering more ground than you would ever have imagined. But, it’s a must visit. While it used to be an integral part of the United States Highway System, it was removed in 1985 and replaced – since then it’s become an iconic tourist road to take road trips on. It’s a historic route, with gas station museums, American memorabilia and delicious rest stop food.

3. Abbey Road

Where: London, UK
This is one of the most iconic roads in the UK and with good reason – especially if you’re a Beatles fan! When you’re walking down the road, all signs will point to the famous zebra crossing that the Fab Four walked across on the cover of their 11th album. If you’re travelling in a group – you should recreate the pose! Beware though, thousands of fans across the world are there to do the exact same thing. So it might take you some time to get the perfect shot! The road is also home to the famous Abbey Road Studios, which you should visit if you have some time.

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4. Highway 61

New Orleans to Canada, USA
Yes, this is another stretch in the USA that is definitely worth visiting – especially if you’re making your way to Canada after! You don’t have to drive or travel past the entire stretch of this road, but visiting any part of it means you’re taking what they call the blues highway. Home to iconic spots, right from birthplaces of legendary music artists to recording venues, this is a music lovers’ paradise.

5. Grafton Street

Where: Dublin, Ireland
There’s something incredibly historic about Ireland with or without the streets, so the fact that there are such iconic ones to see, is an added bonus. This street is home to Trinity College and St. Stephen’s Green, two of the most historically significant places in Dublin. It’s also a place buzzing with street performances and statues of musicians such as Phil Lynott.

6. Great Ocean Road

Head to this road to see some spectacular historic routes and sights. The road is home to the largest world war memorial, all the way back from World War I! It was built by the soldiers who returned from the war and is a sight you have to see. Walking along this road, you can see the rugged Australian coastline, as well as walk for miles and miles (or take a car if you want to get through all 150 miles of it!) to see the 12 Apostles, which are beautiful limestone formations across the road.

7. Guoliang Tunnel Road

Guoliang, China
On this road, you’re going to be slightly confused about who built it – and why! It’s not an easy road to travel past, but was pioneered by 13 villagers in Guoliang, which used to be an extremely remote village in China. The road is so narrow, you will wonder how you’re possibly travelling through just 12 feet. You have to go through rock that is so close to the cliff’s edge, you will wonder whether it was even worth it in the olden days! However, it’s a must-visit road. It’s obvious that it is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

8. Via Dolorosa

This is one road that you really need to soak up the history of, before your visit. It’s also called the Way of Sorrows and it’s a bit of a heavy road to go to on a vacation – but it’s totally worth it. The iconic road is believed to be the route that Jesus took when he was travelling to the crucifixion, so you can understand the significance of it.

9. La Rambla

Where: Barcelona, Spain
You have to visit Barcelona at least once in your life and when you do, you have to visit this road. it’s one of the oldest roads in the world, actually built around 1377! It’s now filled with modern amenities, bars and cafes, but it’s also the sight of Barcelona’s oldest theatre, and a lot of mosaic pavements which are definitely worth a look.

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10. The Royal Mile

Royal mile
Edinburgh, Scotland
If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you know how iconic the area is in general. It gets even better when you visit this road, which is filled with extremely old castles (Holyrood Palace, the Edinburgh Castle) and buildings and grounds that are literally centuries old. The road is extremely famous though because it’s a mix of modern stores and businesses combined with all an old world charm. It’s even host to the Edinburgh Festival week ever year – and in the past, was a sight to burn witches.

11. Orchard Road

Where: Singapore
If you know someone who lives on this street in Singapore, they’re probably pretty well off. You have to visit the iconic road, not only for the bars and shopping centres, but purely to soak up a little bit of its history. The name of the road stems from the fact that it was used for nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards in the past. It’s one of the greenest, most successful areas in the country.

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12. Wall Street

Where: New York City, USA
If you’re the sort of person who’s craving a bit of high action life, Wall Street is the perfect place for you to visit. From high rise buildings to history that spans generations of success stories, Wall Street is the place to be to create your own as well as to soak up a few landmarks. It’s home to the New York Stock Exchange, and even has a colorful history. Some say it was named Wall Street after a wall surrounding it that was erected after trouble with native tribes!

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