10 James Bond Movie Locations Which Are Equally Beautiful Off-Screen

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what Bond movies are all about. Bond always seems to have the best of girls, guns, gadgets with power-packed scenes shot in the best of locations around the world. No wonder the 007 agent continues to win the hearts of people to this date, so much that some of the destinations actually became popular after they were seen in Bond movies. We bring you some of such locations from across the world.

1. Lake Como

Movie: Casino Royale

Lake Como


One of the most beautiful lakes of Europe, appears in the movie Casino Royale; in scenes where Villa del Balbianello is used as the hospital for James Bond’s recuperation and Bond finds Mr. White at his Lake Como Estate, Villa La Gaeta. If you happen to visit, its spectacular beauty and tranquility will be etched in your memory for ever.

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2. Iguazu Falls

Border of Argentina and Brazil
Movie: Moonraker
Iguazu Falls
These beautiful falls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil appear in Moonraker’s boat chase scene in which Bond makes a spectacular escape over the enormous waterfalls. The falls offer a thrilling view in reality too, with their main attraction, Devil’s Throat and the surrounding lush, sub- tropical national parks. The falls are worth exploring from both Brazilian and Argentinean sides.

3. Furka Pass

Movie: Goldfinger
Furka Pass
The scene from the Bond movie ‘Goldfinger,’ in which Tilly Masterson attempts to snipe Goldfinger, was shot in front of the Rhone Glacier close to Furka Pass. The drive on the road over the pass offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps and is sure to give you some goose bumps on its steep and curvy roads. The splendid Rhone valley is worth the visit.

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4. La Caleta Beach

Movie: Die Another Day
La Caleta Beach
Remember the scene in Die Another day, where Halle Berry emerges from the sea looking smoking hot in a bikini? The movie’s Cuban Beach is actually located in Spain and has not just inspired filmmakers, but also musicians and poets with its scenic beauty.

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5. Nene Valley Railway

United Kingdom
Movie: Octopussy, Golden Eye
Nene Valley
This location was used for the train scenes in Octopussy and Golden Eye. Besides being a popular filming location, this place is perfect for a fun day out with family and friends. A joyride on a train or a chance to ride the steam locomotive, there are many surprises worth enjoying at each station.

6. Jokulsarlon

Movie: Die Another Day
The popular Die Another Day’s car chase scene between James and Zao was shot on this glacial lake and its popularity rose ever since. While the lake appears frozen in the movie scenes, it does not freeze very often naturally. The filmmakers had to close the lake’s connection to the sea and it froze within two days after which they could shoot the scenes as planned.

7. Rock of Gibraltar

Movie: The Living Daylights
The movie’s opening title sequence in which Bond performs NATO exercise, was filmed on its upper rock. The journey to the top of the rock offers breathtaking views of the seas, waterfalls and the city far below. The beautiful caves lit up in wonderful colors, spark up the place.

8. Khao Phing Kan

Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Such is the popularity and impact of bond films on this Island, that it is known as James Bond Island since it appeared in Roger Moore starrer, The Man with the Golden Gun. In the movie, Bond arrives on this Island by seaplane and is welcomed by assassin Francisco Scaramanga. The rock, Ko Tapu is a highlight among the Island’s caves and sandy beaches.

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9. Maiden’s Tower


Movie: The World is Not Enough

This is the legendary tower where M was taken after her abduction, and where Elektra tortures Bond in The World Is Not Enough. This old watch tower on a small islet in the Bosphorus strait can be reached in a private boat. Its popular restaurant and café; presents an excellent view of Istanbul.

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10. Arecibo Observatory

Puerto Rico
Movie: Golden Eye
This is the large observatory, which appeared in the climax fight scenes of Golden Eye, as a satellite control centre in the Cuban Jungle. This fascinating place is actually located in Puerto Rico and is the world’s largest single- dish radio telescope.
Bond has license to kill and these locations have licenses to impress all those looking for a great travel experience with some thrill, adventure and lots of fun.

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