12 Amazing Destinations Just Right For A Teenager

In this fast paced life, parents usually come face to face with the rebel side of their teenagers. Travelling with your teenagers not just gives you an opportunity to enjoy and spend some more time with them but also see their their latent innocent, creative and the curious side too.

Here are 12 destinations, we think teenagers would love to visit.

1. Fly Geyser, USA

1 Fly Geyser

This amazing geothermal geyser is sure to arouse a lot of curiosity and the fact that it is not entirely a natural phenomenon but was created accidentally by well drilling makes it all the more interesting. There are 2 additional geysers in the area which are equally captivating.

2. Giethoorn, Netherlands

2 Giethoorn

This small village is one of the best examples of eco-friendly lifestyle. Many of the places in this village can be reached only by boat and it is so peaceful that the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds. Hiring a small electric boat is as much fun as the organized boat tours.

3. Darjeeling Toy Train, India

3 Toy train

A 2 -hour round trip from Darjeeling up to Ghum and back is a joyride for both teenagers as well as adults. On this joyride, you not only travel back in time with its steam engine pulling mini coaches but also enjoy the magnificent beauty of Darjeeling hills.

4. British Wildlife Centre, UK

4 British Wildlife

Nature’s creation is preserved at its best here with innumerable species of animals, birds and reptiles living happily. Some of the rare sounds of birds, naughty games of squirrels and a chance to click photos with the species here are only a few of the many surprises awaiting the visitors.

5. Buckingham Palace, UK

5 Buckingham

How about surprising your teens by taking them to an actual palace of a real queen? The splendid beauty of the palace and its surreal location will surely take you and them to the magical world of the fairy tales.

6. Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand

6 Hobbiton Movie Set

Located on a picturesque private farmland, at this movie set from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, there are Hobbit Holes, The Green Dragon Inn, The Mill, Double Arched Bridge and many other structures, gardens built for these two films.

7. Swissminiatur, Switzerland

7 Miniature

This theme park is a great place to see all the famous sights of Switzerland in miniature. The old castles, the old buildings, different towns, ski areas and many other Swiss treasures are beautifully housed here.

8. Yosemite National Park, USA

8 Yosemite

This scenic natural park is full of natural treats like thundering waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows and is also great for hiking, tubing. Its famous sites Half Dome, El Captain and Yosemite Falls can be enjoyed on its free park shuttle.

9. Boston Tea Party Ships And Museum, USA

9 Boston Tea

At this museum, teens can reenact the famous Boston Tea Party by hurling tethered tea crates in to Boston Harbor. It’s a great way of getting insights in to the historic and powerful American Revolution.

10. Disney World, USA

10 Disney

The many surprises waiting for parents and teenagers at this Magic Kingdom need no mention. Fireworks exploding over Cinderella’s castle, fantasyland, roller coaster rides are sure to take them to a magical world and are a great opportunity for any age group, and not just kids.

11. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

11 Galapagos

There is so much to do at these isolated islands which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. You and your teens can opt to snorkel with sea lions, meet giant tortoises, hike up volcanoes and also see some rare species of lizards and birds like the blue footed booby.

12. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, USA

12 Rock and Roll
If you and your teens both enjoy music , then this hall has quite a lot of fun music memorabilia like Michael Jackson’s sequined glove, lady gaga’s dress, cool concert films in 3D and a glimpse of rock history.

With these destinations, we are sure that teenagers and parents would enjoy travelling with one other more than ever. Cheers!

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