11 Ways To Travel With Your Sibling To Relive Your Childhood

However close you think your bond with your sibling is, it could do with a refresher course! And, the best way to do that is of course, the best way to do most things in life – travel together!

Growing up, squabbles between siblings were common, especially during family vacations. However, now that you are both grown-up, you are able to choose a time and place where you both can have a meaningful connection. Here are places that will help you cement the bond.


Why: Only a few experiences can bring two people closer together than hiking or backpacking across lush landscapes can. There is a great sense of unity created as two people help each other out, walking in contemplative (exhausted!) and companionable silence, or having a heartfelt conversation at the summit of a mountain.
Where: Most fitting for this is a trip to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarkhand, a fairytale land of flowers and streams. A trek here will leave both of you spellbound with its dramatic landscapes and serene atmosphere.


Why: This is one for siblings of all ages. Adventure theme parks are usually home to the cartoons you grew up with, bonded over and fought to watch! Coupled with the brilliant rides and good, wholehearted fun, you will have enough to keep you entertained as you take a trip down the memory lane.
Where: We can’t believe you’re asking! Disneyland, of course! Sparking children’s imaginations for decades, each part of this place is laden with memories, not to mention castles and characters. There will never be a time when you do not have an option for something to do.


Where: Siblings who drive together, stick together. On a serious note though, road trips are an amazing way to bond. Don’t they remind you of the times when you would cry your eyes out to secure your favorite seat in the car? Road trips are probably the easiest and the happiest way to create memories that last a lifetime.

Where: A Road trip from Mumbai to Goa is often called the Father of Indian road trips. This needs no introduction, with gorgeous road that will be an inspiration to you and your siblings, as you cruise down. There are several stops along the way for you to take a break, eat or simply spend some quality time taking in the untouched, rural beauty along the way.


Why: There is something memorable about visiting a place rich in culture with your sibling. You learn together, co-ordinate to see places that interest either one and in a way, find out more about your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes through a completely different culture!
Just like taking lessons together, ain’t it?
Where: We suggest Europe! With architectural wonders like the Louvre in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome, there is definitely something for everyone.


Why: We’re sure you’ve fought like cats at some point, now it’s time to see some big cats together, so a visit to a national park seems apt! Transporting yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life to the peace of nature can often be just what you both need to get over old grudges.
Where: Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, is a prime example of the rich fauna and flora that India has to offer. So, open up a picnic basket, dip your feet in a cool stream and get talking!


Why: Finally, it’s time to play and fight! Make a big ball of snow and hurl it across at your sibling, and be prepared for an equal blow from the other side. This is one harmless way to bring some action in your lives. We guarantee that you will laugh like you haven’t laughed in years.
Where: Go to Shimla, Auli or Gulmarg that offer the finest slopes for some skiing besides the best snowfall every winters. Use this opportunity to fulfill the long cherished dream to make some snowmen.


Why: Okay, maybe you want a little time together, and a little time by yourself too. Head to a beach, where it is easy to imagine that you and your sibling are young once more, building sand castles and free to talk and bond by the sea.
Where: Nowhere is this easier to do than in Bali. It has beautiful beaches, and is a great place for people of all ages. Once you and your sibling have had your fill of the sun and sand, you can always visit the various other tourist attractions!


Why: Being with your sibling means it has to be an action-packed holiday, and for the fitter of you brother-sister duos out there, adventure sports is a great way to bond as you both work together in the midst of an adrenaline rush.
Where: Visit the Turquoise Coast in Turkey for an outing that will include a host of activities in the bluest waters you have ever seen. Whether it’s tubing, kayaking or a daring canyon walk, you will both soon be gasping for more
of this adventure, while you see each other through it.


Why: Now, this is only for the spiritual siblings, but even if there’s an inkling, then finding a connection together can be quite a great way to indulge in some familial bonding.
Where: Cambodia, home to the Angkor Wat is a good option for your spiritual calling, also Punakha Dzong in Bhutan. You can also visit our very own Hampi in India. Each of these places has deep religious significance to many, and is filled with healing spiritual energy.


Why: Not all boys hate shopping, especially if you share a love for books, electronic goods or home items. It can also be a great time to bond, as small tasks like these can strengthen a relationship more than hour-long discussions. And, taking your shopping out of the country makes it a fun, exciting way to ensure conversation never stops!
Where: Visit Bangkok for some great bargains, hit those shopping malls and local markets as you can shop and eat in equal measure. When you both are too tired or poor to shop anymore, you can go on a boat or bike tour.


Why: You know what the best way to bond is? Visit a family member you haven’t seen in years who lives abroad! Since you know each other the best, you will automatically get closer as you will find yourself gravitating to their comfortable company. Not to mention how family reunions can make you really nostalgic!
Where: In a country you’ve never been to! The reason this is important is because you will also bond over the sightseeing rather than simply spending time avoiding each other indoors!

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