From Dhoni To Dhawan: 11 Cricket Celebs And Their Honeymoon Destinations

ICC World Cup is keeping India on its toes. From the ‘mauka mauka’ campaign to hoarding screens at the time of Indo-Pak rivalry, India in its original cricket flavour is definitely bleeding blue. While you are howling and screaming for your favourite player, let’s have a look where these talented men-in-blue chose to start the new innings of their life aka honeymoon.

After all a good start is half the work done, isn’t it?

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Sri Lanka

After a much talked about marriage, the diligent captain chose the hills of Kandy as their first step to a happily-ever-after.

2. Rahul Dravid – Scotland

The childhood sweethearts chose the Scottish highlands, where ‘The Wall’ was supposed to attend a cricket ceremony while Mrs. Dravid joined him for a honeymoon.

3. Sachin Tendulkar – Goa

The ‘Master Blaster’ was so happy getting married to the beautiful Anjali Tendulkar that the otherwise disciplinarian player gained a lot of weight during the honeymoon.

4. Umesh Yadav – Paris

This new kid on the block fell in love with a fashion designer. Do we need to say more as to why they chose Paris ‘the fashion capital’ that’s all things glitz and glamour?

5. Gautam Gambhir – Maldives

Mr. Gambhir chose the solace of Maldives to spend some quality time with his Delhi-wali-girlfriend-turned-wife.

6. Virendra Sehwag – Switzerland

The marriage was the talk of the town, more so because the lady luck of Mr. Sehwag was such a charmer and so the destination had to be equally charming.

7. Robin Uthappa – Israel

Quite an offbeat destination for a honeymoon, ain’t it?

8. Ajinkya Rahane – Bali

This couple chose one of the most popular destinations for their romantic time out.

9. Sourav Ganguly – West Indies

Being the busy captain that he was, Mr. Ganguly took his better-half for a much needed trip combined with a quick official tour after a hush-hush wedding.

10. Shikhar Dhawan – Australia

Giving a finishing touch to their Melbourne connection, the handsome player and the ravishing beauty chose the beautiful destination as mainstay for their honeymoon.

11. Suresh Raina – Milan

The much awaited marriage of the middle order batsman was a match made by his mother, but we still have our doubts was it really arranged or a hush hush affair!

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