10 Rocking Party Destinations In India If You Are Saying Bye To Singledom Soon

So you just changed your relationship status to ‘Engaged’ on social media, but you are not quite prepared to give up your bachelorhood so easily. Definitely not before you have partied hard for one last time before finally getting hitched. Worry not, we give you 10 destinations to have the fun, the single way.

1. Nasik

1 Nasik

Image Source: Flickr@Elroy Serrao

The ‘Napa Valley’ of India is not just bustling with vineyards but also with several nightlife options to choose from. One of its popular club, Inayat Café Restaurant and Bar is a great place to party.

2. Mumbai

2 Mumbai

The city that never sleeps is the perfect destination for party lovers. There are plenty of options to choose from with popular ones being Poison, Hard Rock Café. Most pubs here are not just high on alcohol and food, but also on great music and hi-tech futuristic interiors.

3. Pondicherry

3 Pondy

This beautiful coastal town is perfect for a holiday with its beach, the promenade, the lovely French styled cafes and restaurants. Resorts such as the Ocean Spray on the outskirts have party options or the exquisitely decorated Asta The Spirited Lounge is a great choice too.

4. Goa

4 Goa

Besides offering stunning natural scenery, beautiful beaches and lip-smacking Goan cuisine, the night life here is electrifying with large number of pubs, casinos and nightclubs. The pristine Baga beach has some of the famous nightclubs in the town, Club Tito and Café Mambo.

5. Udaipur

5 Udaipur

After a long day of camping under the open skies, exploring the many palaces and beautiful lakes here, you can hang out at Bamboo Beats, a brand new pub and discotheque in the Labh Garh Resort. Live your partying spirit with Hollywood/ Bollywood hits and rhythmic bamboo beats.

6. Kochi

6 Kochi

Besides the harbor, waterfronts, backwaters and islands, the party scene of Kochi is worth exploring with popular picks like Ava Lounge Bar and Discotheque, Glow, Longevity and more.

7. Bangalore

7 Bangalore_solarisgirl

Image Source: Flickr@solarisgirl

You can dance your evening away in Bangalore at many great night spots like I-Bar, Purple Haze, Noir, Blue Bar and more. Sing along with the musicians or just groove to the awesome music played at the pubs here.

8. Gokarna

8 Gokarna

This place with stunning beaches and lush green hillocks is just 143 km away from Goa and you can party here in an offbeat style on its beaches playing guitar, singing and dancing around bonfire.

9. Hyderabad

9 Hyderabad

Hyderabad offers several options for party lovers with pubs, discos and restaurants which play foot-tapping music, serve scrumptious food and drinks. One of the popular night spots, Bottles and Chimney, has an upper party deck for private parties.

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10. Chennai

10 Chennai

Although the nightlife in Chennai may not be as happening as the other metros, it still fulfills the party-goers expectations with some amazing clubs, discos and bars like Dublin, Zara, Geoffrey’s and more.

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