For you to go out there and experience something truly mesmerizing; a holiday seamlessly planned and effortlessly executed! That’s really what we strive for.

In pursuit of that goal, we’ve created an engaging online platform to inspire people to research, plan, book and share their holidays. A buzzing holiday space, where we put you directly in touch with the experts, verified and curated by us. Our local and in-destination experts, from across the globe, have been planning holidays for donkey’s years now; their experience will provide you with crucial value-adds you won’t find anywhere else. All this, at the most competitive prices you’ll come across!

We urge you to pick and choose every element of your holiday from our wide and varied range of options, so we can customize your trip down to the smallest detail. Our mantra is simple – Whatever makes you happy, makes us happy!

We are a young company, but no way young in terms of the cumulative experience we have on board to help you plan that perfect holiday getaway. We are like you, in a lot of ways. We work hard for a living and think twice before we spend a single rupee of our hard earned money. We’d like people to pay us attention and respect our time. We find joy in our family & friends and like to spend quality time with them. We’re sure you want similar things; we value and respect the same. Try us. We’re sure we’ll be able to do something to make you smile today :-)

WeAreHolidays is a young start up in the online leisure travel space. We came into existence in the early 2011; the founding team has prior work experience with India’s largest OTA (Online Travel Agent) – The founding team includes engineers (from IITs & other reputed institutes), management graduates (from IIMs & other reputed institutes) and experienced folks from the travel industry.